Electric Pontoon Legs by Hewitt

Quietly raise and lower pontoon legs with a touch of a button

This innovative lifting system enables pontoon boats to literally stand on their own four feet using nothing more than the power from a 12 volt battery. Whenever you pull into shore, on any type of bottom, you can raise your boat clear of the water in seconds with the touch of a button. Like conventional Hewitt Lifts, this made-to-go system helps protect your pontoon from the damaging effects of waves and water for longer service life and higher resale value.

Hewitt Electric Pontoon Legs are constructed from high-grade structural aluminum and solidly bolted to the frame members of your pontoon boat. The complete system adds only 385 lbs and has a load capacity of 6000 lbs. Maximum lift height is typically 5½' from the bottom of the legs to the underside of the boat deck, or 3½' to the bottom of the pontoons.

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  • All-electronic lifting mechanism. A powerful 12 volt DC motor coupled to an acme screw and nut is used to drive each heavy-duty frame leg module. This design provides a positive self-locking lift at any height.
  • 4-way and independent position control. Allows quick extension and retraction of all four legs plus individual adjustment of any leg to easily level your boat.
  • Low-profile design. Legs extend less than 6½" below deck in their stowed position. Will not interfere with trailering or normal operation.
  • Large 11½" x 22½" tubular feet evenly distribute weight over a large area for solid footing on hard or soft bottoms. Feet pivot independently for added stability on rocky or uneven terrain.

On-board pendant control - The four leg modules can be operated in unison with the push of a single button or controlled individually with separate buttons for leveling your boat on uneven bottoms. LED position indicators light up when legs are in use; turn off when legs are in the stowed position; and blink if an error is detected.
Electronic Control Module - The compact enclosure is vibration resistant and fully sealed to protect the electronics against water infiltration. Features include a "smart board" to continuously monitor motor torque and leg position, and an end-of-travel buzzer to indicate when the legs are completely raised or lowered.e.
Wireless Remote Control -
A key fob style control is included with every system. Raise and lower your boat from the convenience of your dock or shore.
power switch
Master Power Shutoff Switch


  • Height With Legs Retracted 6-1/2”
  • Capacity 6000 lbs
  • Recommended Boat Lengths 19’ to 26’
  • Weight 385 lbs
  • Min. Width Between Pontoons For Triple Toon Installation 12”
  • Total Lift Height From Bottom To Deck Top 66”


2 year limited warranty. Click to view details.

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